Hello there...

So if you've found yourself on this page, it's safe to say that it was one of two things:

But instead of finding the home of Jeff Bell, his posters, logos, and the like you instead found this page and are now wondering what happened? Do not worry, you are in the right place, however my freelance days are over. It was a fun 7 years, but this guy has a job doing what he loves and can't imagine doing anything else.

I don't do fonts, posters, websites, or videos anymore and am currently not accepting freelance work. The company I work for now does video production & web design, so if your company is interested in either, head over there by clicking the link below:

If you've arrived here looking to contact me regarding any of the decade old fonts I created, just assume you can use it. I don't have a formal license for any of them, as they are all copyrighted works and am unable to sell them. If you've found them online, go to town.

Signed your friend in time,
Jeff Bell
{insert cool graphical signature here}